How to use and clean your Pizza Stone

How to use my pizza stone:

Start by placing your cold pizza stone in your cold oven.Then start heating your oven with your pizza stone in it. Otherwise there is a chance on shattering the pizza stone! Make sure you get your oven and pizza stone as hot as possible, try to get it at least 250C or more before baking your pizza.

  1. put some flour or even better semolina on the metal plate.
  2. put your rolled out dough on the floured metal plate
  3. put your toppings on
  4. move the plate a little bit to see it does not stick
  5. slide from the plate to the pizza stone!

How to clean my pizza stone:

Normally you do not have to clean your pizza stone, but if you do feel the need to clean it you can use the following methods. It is normal for some spots and stains to appear and stay on your pizza stone.

1. First make sure you let your pizza stone cool off in the oven for about an hour, otherwise it may crack. Your pizza stone should be on room temperature before cleaning it. 

2. You can brush off debris/food off of your pizza stone with a stone brush or a plastic spatula. Be gentle so you do not scratch the stone! Do not use a metal spatula.

3. Do not use soap on to clean your stone, only water! The soap may ruin the stone and taste of your pizza's in the future!

4. Use a damp cloth to clean you pizza stone, do not use soap or soak your pizza stone in water.

5. Make sure your pizza stone is completely dry before using it again.

6. Do not 'season' your pizza stone with olive oil or any other fat product. 

for more tips, go to Youtube and search for Jamie Oliver pizza.


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